The ALAP has the option to supply the OTOPlug Stauts (in use/free) by a webservice, which gets pulled automatically twice a day by fibX.
The Webservice has to be a RESTfull API/Webservice, providing the data as a JSON encoded dataset
Below you will find the specification for the required payload (the order of the attributes does not have to match).

Example Service Endpoint:

Content Description (full load)

Field Short Description   Example Occurence
OTO_ID Full OTOID without Port/Plug String(15) B.165.014.728.7 1..1
OTO_Port Port/Plug on the OTO für this Fiber (Termination on Customer side) Integer(1) 1 1..1
OTO_Port_Status If there is already a service on this port/plug = PLUGINUSE,
if there is no service running on this port = PLUGFREE
OTO_Port_Status_Changetime Timestamp when the current Status will change (PLUGINUSE to PLUGFREE or PLUGFREE to PLUGINUSE) eg. When will plug be free, when will plug be in use. String(25) – ISO8601 2009-01-01T12:00:00+01:00 0..1

Special Remarks

OTO_Port_Status Comment
PLUGFREE fiberline is avilable  (There is no service running on this OTOPort)
PLUGINUSE fiberline is not available (There is a service running on this OTOPort or otherwise blocked)

Required Data-Format: UTF8 Encoded JSON Stirng