The ALAP has the option to supply the L1-Location-Data by a webservice, which gets pulled automatically once a day by fibX. The Webservice has to be a RESTfull API/Webservice, providing the data as a JSON encoded dataset (Important: It has to be the full dataset, missing locations will be threated as to be removed) Below you will find the specification for the required payload (the order of the attributes does not have to match).

Example Service Endpoint:

Content Description (full load)

Field Short Description Example Occurence
CO_ID Unique Identifier for the Centraloffice / LEX 65BIB 1..1
OMDF_RACK Handover Equipment … 23 1..1
OMDF_SLOT Handover Equipment Slot or Card 2 1..1
OMDF_Connector Handover Equipment Port / Plug (Termination of Fiber) 12 1..1
Location_EGID National Building ID – The EGID as defined by BAKOM (EGID = Eidg. Gebäudeidentifikator) 1298734 0..1
Location_EDID National Location/Address ID – The EDID as defined by BAKOM (EDID = Eidg.  Gebäudeeingangsidentifikator) 2 0..1
Location_City   Biberist 1..1
Location_ZIP   4562 1..1
Location_Street_Name   Mühleweg 1..1
Location_Street_Number   6 1..1
Location_Street_Number_Suffix   a 1..1
Location_Housename   Atelier 0..1
OTO_ID Full OTOID without Port/Plug B.165.014.728.7 1..1
OTO_Port Port/Plug on the OTO für this Fiber (Termination on Customer side) 1 1..1
OTO_Socket_Usage   Private_Business 0..1
OTO_Status Status of this Fiberline Assigned 1..1
Flat_ID National Flat ID (see BAKOM FLATID) 01.01 0..1
Commercial_Usage_Date Official date when this address can be used for commercialization. („Datum offizieller Beginn der Vermarktung“) 23.01.2021 0..1
OTO_Port_Status If there is already a service on this port/plug = PLUGINUSE,
if there is no service running on this port = PLUGFREE

Required Data-Format: UTF8 Encoded JSON Stirng

We expect always the full load (dataset). If datarow was delivered earlier on, but missing in a future synchronisation it will get marked as «removed». If that datarow is delivered later on, fibX will set it back to «installed» / «readytoinstall» according to the OTO_Status.